Making Manuscripts Magical


Dax attended Allegheny College in Meadville, PA, where she studied Political Science and Creative Writing, with a focus on poetry and prose. She is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and has taken multiple courses in the art of editing creative fiction and non-fiction, but her primary focus is line editing. She loves getting into the nitty gritty of word choice and placement, and making sure each sentence brings something valuable to the overall whole. She has a strong interest in fantasy and works that highlight the stories of marginalized groups such as people with disabilities and LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Dax started ENCHANTED EDITING to help other marginalized authors craft their fantasies stories into the best versions that they can be. Since then, Dax has expanded the scope to include all authors of any and all genres. At Enchanted Editing, the focus first and foremost is on the goals and desires of the author as a person. Anyone can tell a story about a war-orphan who finds out that his father is second-in-command for an evil dictatorship; but only George Lucas could have told "Star Wars." At Enchanted Editing, the author is recognized as that unique special sauce needed to make a story work.