Making Manuscripts Magical


I am happy to offer a variety of types of editing to clients. I will do a free sample edit of 5,000 words so that we can both evaluate if we are a good fit for each other.

When submitting your manuscript, I request that it be in 14pt font, double spaced, in Garamond font and .docx format.

Each service comes with a thorough edit letter detailing my thoughts, suggestions, and common issues I found throughout the document. The sort of advice in the edit letter will depend on the service you have requested. I will also provide in-document suggestions via Track Changes.

Each service comes with a one hour video call a week after I deliver the finished manuscript edits to you. During that call, you can ask any questions you would like. One week following the call, you may email me to re-read up to 10,000 words for further revisions or advice.

Pricing for all services is per word, and is between $0.001/word and $0.05/word. The exact cost is dependent on the condition of the manuscript, what service you are getting, and what your desired goals are. If you would like an exact quote, I will do a sample edit of up to 3,000 words for novellas-novels and up to 750 words for a short story. Please submit the least polished portion of your manuscript so I can give you the most accurate estimate.

Beta Reading

Beta reading could be the very first time another set of eyes reads your manuscript, or it could be the very last time someone reads it before you publish it, or it could be anywhere in between. Anytime you want to get a professional opinion, call in a beta reader!

Sensitivity Reading

You've written characters whose experiences don't line up with your own, and you want to get feedback on if you've perhaps fallen into any holes. I read for non-binary representation, bisexual representation, some forms of physical and mental disability, and trauma. I can suggest someone if you are looking for something I cannot do; I am part of a collective of authors with diverse experiences and I would be happy to send you their information.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is the big picture. I would be reading to point out where things fall flat, where character arcs seem underdeveloped, plot holes, pacing issues, and overall structure.

Hire a developmental editor once you've got a solid first draft. I will give you an edit letter at the end, pointing out major issues I find and a list of suggestions. Some of these suggestions may include removing entire chapters, changing the order of events or rethinking the relationships between characters.

Line Editing

This is the nitty-gritty. Line editing involves reading at a sentence by sentence level. This isn't just grammar, this is looking for over-used words, awkward clauses, stilted dialogue, consistent tone and more. This is all about diction, style and syntax.

The edit letter will detail common issues I found throughout the manuscript, such as common comma spliced, over-reliance on dialogue tags, and unnecessary over-explanation and what commonly slows down your action.